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Game aliases: zombs royale io fortnite io zombsroyal io zombs pubg fortnite.io
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About ZombsRoyale.io

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ZombsRoyale.io is cool survival shooter by the creators Zombs io, 2d fortnite battle royale style. You must stay alive for one round.

Look for weapons, cartridges, first aid kits and other items on the game arena. Check boxes and houses, usually there are many different items.

At the beginning of the Fortnite io you jump with a parachute. Choose the most suitable place where you can land. Then look for the coolest weapon for you, there are even grenade launchers in the Zombs Royale io and start attacking the enemy.

You can hide in houses or behind trees and attack the enemy. Or open attack, for example to shoot at the windows with a grenade launcher or throw a grenade.

Beware of gas, it will kill you quickly. Monitor the health bar and if necessary, use the first aid kit.

So if you like the games in the Fortnite Battle Royale genre, so you will like this wonderful survival game.

How to play ZombsRoyale.io

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