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Game aliases: survive io survivio fortnite.io
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About Surviv.io

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Surviv.io is a shooting game in the 2D Battle Royale style, where only one of the strongest players survives. After the start, quickly look for weapons and start playing.

The round starts after a certain time. In front of you is a large map, where there are various buildings, boxes, weapons, grenades and much more. You must find a weapon so that you have the opportunity to attack and defend yourself. Try to find a first aid kit for restoring your health.

You can pick up several types of weapons in the Surviv io, but do not forget that you have a limited space for weapons and items. In the backpack you can put extra things. Gradually, the red zone increases and there is less space left on the map. If you fall under the gas, then you will die.

You can use different tactics. One of the most popular tactics is to hide behind trees or in houses and suddenly attack. If you managed to kill the enemy, you can take his weapons and items.

How to play Surviv.io

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