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Game aliases: Starveio
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About Starve.io

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Starve.io is perhaps the most difficult game among all .io games and differs from all. You must survive in the forest, cold and hunger keep chasing you all the time.

You have 3 bars:
which you must constantly monitor. You can eat berries from bushes, but to get meat you will have to hunt rabbits and wolves. You can also plant seedlings to grow berries, this requires a fire, wood and berries. We'll have to wait a day, when the bush grows with berries.

Anyway you need the fire, because at night it's cold and without a fire you can't survive. At the beginning of the Starve io you don't have any tools. You can only get wood, but after receiving 15 wood, you can craft a wooden pickaxe. With a wooden pickaxe, you can get a stone and then make it into a stone one, and later you can also get gold.

In addition to tools, you need weapons to protect yourself. So do not forget to craft the sword and upgrade it to the maximum level.

Recently, a new update was released in the game. A zombie mode has been added, which will attack you and your possessions. There are different hats and more. To properly upgrade your hero, you will need a lot of time.
There are 4 game modes:
Hunger Games
and Normal mode

You can talk and write about this game for a very long time. That's how difficult it is.

How to play Starve.io

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