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Game aliases: starjackio star jack io
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About StarJack.io

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StarJack.io is multiplayer strategy game, where your job is to capture enemy planet and create a great cosmic empire.

Initially in the Star Jack io game, you have one planet that creates space ships for you. Select the alien planet that you want to attack and send your ships to it. In case of capturing the planet, it will generate ships for you.

Except the players in the game StarJack io can be planet bots. Some of the planets have their own skills that will be useful to you in battle, for example:
Build rate - Increases the speed of building new ships
Defense buff - Gives bonuses when connecting new planets
Scan ability - You see any hidden point on the map
EMP ability - You can shoot an electric shock
Shield ability - Provides temporary protection

Car Jack is very similar to the popular io game Bloble Bloble, but has the best gameplay and graphics, so the game will hit 100 percent. I recommend that you play it right now.

How to play StarJack.io

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