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About Splix.io

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Splix.io is the first .io game in which a player must capture as much territory as possible, to earn a lot of points and get the leaderboard.

You control a snake of a certain color, the territory you capture will be the same color as your snake.

When you capture the territory in the Splix io, be careful, don't go far from your territory, because the enemy can pass through your tail and you will die. Always watch out for the enemies they can try to capture part of your territory.

The game has several game modes:
Team mode - when you select this mode, you will receive a link, send this link to your friend and play together on the one server
Normal mode - players play every man for himself.

Some tactics:
When the enemy tries to take part of the your territory, press P key, Your snake will stop, expect the best moment to attack and suddenly attack.

How to play Splix.io

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