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Shell Shockers io

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Game aliases: shellshockersio shellshock shell shock shellshock io
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About Shell Shockers io

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Shell Shockers io is a fun 3D first person shooter in which you control the egg and must destroy the eggs of other players. Excellent graphics and lots of cool weapons!

Your main task, to break as many eggs as possible and and stay alive. Initially you have a gun. But later you can find any weapon. If you sign up in the ShellShockers.io game, you can immediately select + 1 additional weapons. Also will be count all your statistics.

You also can throw grenades. The maximum number of grenades is 3. If a grenade hits the enemy, he dies.

In Shell shockers there is a possibility to choose 2 games modes
Free For all - every man for himself
Team mode - you play in a team with your friends

The game is quickly gaining popularity, but I advise you to try the game right now.

How to play Shell Shockers io

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