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Game aliases: popsplitme popsplitio pop split io popsplit me popsplit io agario popsplit
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About PopSplit.me

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PopSplit.me is one more Agario style game with 5 game mod, where players fight for survival in the multiplayer mode!

Eat colored dots to grow your cell. Absorb enemy cells which are less than yours. Split your cell to increase your speed. Beware of green spikes, if your cell is large.

In the PopSplit me game you can split your cell into 16 parts. You can choose more than 50 beautiful skins. You can also choose one of 5 game modes:
FFA, Big FFA, Crazy, MegaSplit and Instant!
Absorb other players' cells and become the largest cell on the server.
Communicate with friends and enjoy the game.

How to play PopSplit.me

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