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Game aliases: mopeio
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About Mope.io

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Mope.io is one of the most top games in the genre of .io games. This multiplayer online game about the animal survival. The strongest animal survives.

Initially there were only a few animals in this game. But over time, developers have added many different animals and even monsters, such as a dragon. Each animal has its own skills. You start playing as an ordinary little mouse.

Every animal must drink and eat, otherwise will die, everything is as in real life, is it not? Animals are divided into 2 types, living on the water or on land. There are also 3 type of animals that are Arctic animals, you can choose it later in the game.

The main goal in Mope io kill the weaker animals and climb up the food chain, as in the wild, until you reach the maximum level animal. Black dragon is the most powerful animal at the moment, which can kill any other. You have to collect 10 million points to become a black dragon. Well, try this great game right now.

How to play Mope.io

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