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About Moomoo.io

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MooMoo.io is adventure survival game where your goal is to collect resources: wood, stone to build wall and windmills, eat food, wolves and bulls to restore your health. When you level up you can upgrade your weapon, buy armor, hats and wings to your hero became very strong.

In the MooMoo io bulls, wolves and ducks give gold. For gold you can buy hats and wings, each of which has its own skills. You can choose a powerful weapon that does great damage, such as katana, but you will slowly move, or weak weapons, such as knives, weak damage, but greater speed. You can upgrade any weapon to a diamond one.

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You can create your own clan with pro players and play with your friends. Each player uses different tactics, some players use traps and spikes, fight with knives or an ax that gives them a great speed. But some players use Katana + Bull hat + Angel wings and can kill you with two hit. You can also use a crossbow and shoot at a distance.

Sandbox or experimental server:
On Sandbox server it is very good to training your skills. You have an unlimited amount of food, stone and wood. But you have to get gold to upgrade the ages, wepon and buy hats, wing and so on. To do this, try to put as many windmills as possible. In this case, even if you were killed, the levels will be upgraded very quickly, and gold will be extracted automatically.

Recently in the Moo Moo io added new updates. Now you can get a treasure chest and get a lot of gold. But the treasure is guarded by the boss Moostafa and and his assistant Moofie. Therefore, it is difficult to get the treasure. Also a turret helmet, stick, thief Gear was added in game.

New Updates on 06/18/2018: Developers have added Blocker, which block any buildings in a certain area. You can choose it instead of turrets. Useful against pit trappers :)

Developers have added new ruby weapons with poisoning and Teleporter, you can move to any random point of the map.

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