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Game aliases: Lordzio lordsio lords io
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About Lordz.io

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Lordz.io is strategy multiplayer game where players fight for survival. Your goal is to create a huge army with different soldiers and even dragons and grab the entire server.

At the beginning of the Lordz io you control one major soldier. Collect gold to buy new soldiers. But the number of soldiers is limited. So you can buy more soldiers you need to buy buildings. That the enemy could not destroy your buildings, you will have to buy towers defense.

So, when your army is enough strong, you can attack the buildings and armies of other players. Here there is a small tactic, the first try to kill the enemy main lord, in that case his army will get to you.

The larger your army, the slower it moves. You can split your army into several small ones to catch up the enemy. There are very powerful dragons that do great damage, but you have to pay a lot of gold for them. So, you will have to apply your tactics and decide which army is best for you.

By the way, in the last update, there appeared magical towers, which are very good against dragons. Be sure to try them. Try to become the coolest Lord on the server!

How to play Lordz.io

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