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Game aliases: kruntio
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About Krunt.io

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New multiplayer Battle Royale game Krunt io, that you can play with your friends on our .io games site. Look for weapon, fight with enemies and become the best soldier on the server.

At the beginning of the game, your goal is to find weapons and necessary items, such as first aid kits and ammunition. Mine wood to build protective walls.

In this game you character can also jump over the buildings. Hide in buildings and suddenly attack the enemy. Race on car and crush the enemy. There are of 3 types on weapons you can find in the Krunt io game:
ASSAULT RIFFLE: It is a racial ladder that makes it difficult to complete the race. While the modifier is accuracy.
SMG: The gun shots the gun shoots faster than any other gun. This weapon is reloading. This weapon is perfect for close range.
SHOTGUN: Shoot multiple shots for you to shoot.
So, Choose your suitable weapon.

You can team and play this Battle Royale with your friends. Try to destroy the enemy together. Enough the game and have a fun.

How to play Krunt.io

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