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Game aliases: krunkerio
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About Krunker.io

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Krunker.io is cool 3D pixel First Person Shooter in which your task is to destroy enemies and survive as long as possible.

So the main goal is to score as many points as possible in one round. Initially in the Krunker io game you only have a rifle, but later you can find other weapons and cartridges on the arena.

Krunker.io loadout

You can choose one of five characters:
TriggerMam - Assault Rifle
Hunter - Sniper Rifle
Run Gun - Submachine Gun
Spray Pray - Light Machine Gun
Vince - Shotgun
Detective - Revolver
Marksman - Semi Auto

You can also customize the game for yourself, change the map, add mods, change resolution, sensitivity, sound and so on.

The game has one fun thing, you can take a spray gan, paint the walls and have fun.As in all .io games, you play in multiplayer mode with millions of players around the world. Good luck.

How to play Krunker.io

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