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Game aliases: holeio hole
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About Hole.io

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Hole.io is a fun multiplayer game in which black holes are fighting for the right to become the biggest hole. Your main task is to absorb everything on your way.

So, we play in a big city, in which there are many people, cars, benches, poles and much more. All of these objects can be absorbed by your black hole in the Hole io game. The more you absorb, the more points you gain. It's a fun.

But there are some nuances:
You can't absorb objects are bigger than your hole, for example large cars or benches.
You can't swim in the water.
Beware of holes bigger than your, they can eat you.

The points you get for each absorbed object, kills of other holes are counted The game lasts 2 minutes, whose hole will score the most points and will do the most kills, will wins.

How to play Hole.io

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