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Game aliases: gunwars io gunwarsio
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About GunWars.io

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GunWars.io is new Battle Royale multiplayer shooter in the Fortnite and Pubg style. Try to stay alone on the arena and win the rounds.

GunWars io is by the creators of Fightz io game.
You can join the game at any time. This is main difference from related games.

At the beginning of the game you only have a gun. You can find the following types of weapons:
Machine gun
Sniper Rifle
Shot gun and more. Your health is restored automatically in the Gun Wars io, so you do not need first-aid kits.

In the game you will see a timer during which you must survive. Also on the minimap you can see your enemy. Since this game is multiplayer, you can chat with your friends and play in a team. You can copy the link to the game server and send it to a friend. Become the best of the best. Good luck, enough and have a fun!

How to play GunWars.io

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