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Game aliases: gartic io garticio drawio draw io draw.io drawing.io drew io
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About Gartic.io

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Gartic.io is a fun online drawing game for all ages. The goal of the game is very simple: You must draw and guess the drawings of other players.

When you enter the Gartic io, you must guess the drawings of other players using your keyboard. The answer you need to write in the left window on the bottom. The bottom right window is a chat room and you can chat with other players.

When will your time to draw, you can draw any drawing, and other players will guess your drawing. You will receive points for every correct answer. You will also be prompted some hints.

In General, we got a wonderful drawing game, where you can draw online with your friends in multiplayer mode and enough the game! I recommend that you try it right now.

How to play Gartic.io

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