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Game aliases: flyordieio fly or die io fly io die io flying io
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About FlyOrDie.io

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The game FlyOrDie.io is similar to the popular Mope io. Here animals evolve and fight for survival. Start with an ordinary fly and become the most terrible predator.

In FlyOrDie io you will encounter insects, birds, bats and monster cosmic bat which can kill practical any animal. All animals can fly, so the game is dominated mainly by insects and birds. You can eat all the animals that are highlighted in green. But be wary of animals that are highlighted in a red outline.

The higher you climb the food chain, the longer you have to upgrade to the next animal. Every animal, even the most strongly must drink. So carefully monitor the water level.

When you reach the cosmic bug, you will have to fly into space and look for food there. But there is no water and to drink water you have to return to earth. Well and at last, becoming a cosmic bat, you can cause chaos. As far as I know, new updates have recently been released. Now maybe a new final monster has appeared.

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