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Game aliases: flaap io flaapio flappybird io flappybirdio
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About Flaap.io

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Flaap.io is fun addictive game in the Flappy Bird multiplayer style. You control the bird and your goal is to fly as far as possible overcoming obstacles.

Flappy Bird multiplayer is quite a difficult game, one wrong click and you lose. But Flaap io game is very addictive. You can compete with friends who will fly further. All your achievements are recorded, so you can show off to your friends your result.

Flappy Bird io will appeal to people of any age, both children and adults, because it is very funny and exciting. Another plus of the game is that it can be played not only from a PC but also from a mobile phone. Enough the game and have a fun.

How to play Flaap.io

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