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Game aliases: evo wars io evowar io Evowarsio evo io
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About Evowars.io

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Evowars.io is a classic multiplayer game where warriors fight on the arena for survival. Collect colored dots to increase your weapons, hit enemies and take away their mass.

The main goal of the game is to get experience points as many as possible. To do this, you must collect colored dots and kill enemies. If you manage to kill a strong opponent, you will get more points.

Gradually your character evolves, becomes bigger and strongerŠ± your weapons will increase. At the last levels in the Evowars io, you can kill several players with one blow. But if your character is already strong, small players can still kill you, because the health bar for all players = 1.

As in many .io games, in this fighting game you can unlock beautiful skins and enhancements for your hero.

How to play Evowars.io

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