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Game aliases: devastio starve io 2 starve 2 io
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About Devast.io

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Devast.io is new strategy, multiplayer survival game. Collect resources, build bases, craft items and weapons and fight with other players.

Stalkers evolve and survival in the post-acopalistic world. According to the graphic and the gameplay, Devast.io game is similar to the popular Starve io game, I would even call the game Starve io 2. You will have to eat food so that you do not die from the hunger, kindle a fire, so that you do not die from the cold and beware of radiation.

There are many skills in the game that you can use. Please note that food spoils very quickly. When you craft the gun, you will have a constant shortage of ammunition as in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. So, lets play!

How to play Devast.io

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