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Game aliases: deep io deeep io dep io
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About Deeeep.io

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Deeeep.io is multiplayer game about the ocean animals. You will have to swim, eat, fight with other fish and climb up the food chain.

You start playing like a small fish. First you will have to eat plankton and upgrade to the next fish. Later in Deeeep io you can eat other fish.

Each fish has its own abilities. For example, crabs can hide in algae. Some substances need oxygen, so you will periodically have to float to the surface, for example beaver. Some fish can swim on the surface, but can't swim on the deep, but some can swim at the deep, but can't on the surface.

When you fighting with other fish, is better attack from behind. Even when you become a huge shark, be careful. Other fish can attack you from behind.

In Deeeep.io 5 modes are available: 1 v 1 - you are fighting the enemy 1v1.
Pearl - You must capture the enemy pearl and deliver it to the base.
Lastman mode - The zone of infection affects the ocean and narrows, who is the last to survive, that wins.
FFA - everyone fights for himself.
And finally the main game mode.

How to play Deeeep.io

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