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About CaveGame.io

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Play as Cave Man, mine gold and other resources, craft items, TNT, Armor and more, fight with mobs and enemies in Cave Game io Minecraft Battle Royale styled game!

First, try to find the necessary resources to craft armor and dynamite. So you can fight with enemies and zombies mobs. You can use the craft menu shop to craft all items you need. You can eat food to restore your health.

In the CaveGame io the more gold you get, the more items you can craft and the higher your score will be. You can throw TNT and other weapons at enemies. Since the game is made in the Minecraft style, you have a huge set of features including spawners, enchantments, ores, and farming. So be sure to try this wonderful online game. Invite your friends and play together. Enough the game and have a fun!

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