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Game aliases: carboomio car boom io
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About Carboom.io

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Carboom.io is car driving 3D shooting game, where players players drive cars and fight for the survival. Try do destroy the enemy cars and become the coolest driver on the server.

Carboom.io new skills upgrades

In the car boom io game you also pass levels and can upgrade your car. When you have completed the first level, you can choose a new car, for example:
Fake Death - Fake your own death when you health is low
Last Chance - Repair your car when you health is low, one charge per live
Sprint - Speed up you car when you health is low.
All skills activates automatically!

In CarBoom io you can see the red dots, this is the location of other players in the arena. Shoot in an open area, if you hit an obstacle, then your shell will crash into it.

Great 3D graphic, you can chat with friends and have a fun!

How to play Carboom.io

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