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Game aliases: botbattles io botbattlesio
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About BotBattles.io

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BotBattles io is classic multiplayer Tank Bots Battle game. Set up your abilities and try to destroy enemy tanks. Save your achievements and share with friends.

Default, you can choose 3 types of weapons:v
Blaster - 15 damage, 250 ms cooldown
ShotGun - fires 10 blaster bullets, 1.5 sec cooldown
Grenade Launcher - 90 damage, 5 sec cooldown.
In the game settings, you can choose any of the 26 abilities. You can see the full list in Abilities.

So the main goal is to become the strongest on the arena. Invite your friends and play together in the multiplayer mode. Enough the game and have a fun.

How to play BotBattles.io

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