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About Bonk.io

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Bonk.io is physics multiplayer game in which you control the ball in the maze. Your task is to hold out on the swinging platform. Wo remains the last, he won.

In the Bonk io there are many different levels that you will have to overcome. In each level there are different rules:
many levels you have pass faster than other players
In some levels you should not fall
There are levels with water, bombs and much more.

For the victory you get points for which you can customize your hero. The game have two games modes:
Quick Play - the game is played by 4 random players, each for himself.
Custom Game - you choose a game room in which the moderator himself decides how many players to play and game modes
You can also create your own room and set your own rules

So The Bonk is a fairly simple game but very addictive. You must definitely to try it.

Attention! To play the game, on your computer must be installed Adobe Flash Player.

How to play Bonk.io

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