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Game aliases: aquario
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About Aquar.io

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Welcome to the underwater 3D world Aquar io, where schools of fish are fighting to survive in multiplayer mode. Make your own powerful fish army and destroy all other flock of fish!

Aquar io is continuation of the popular old time Oceanar io game. You play like a fish queen. You should eat plankton and other fish in the ocean to increase your army of fish.

The more you eat, the bigger your army. When your flock is big enough, you can merge your fish. In the Aquario game there are different types of fish, each of which has her own skills. So the main goal of this cool 3D game is survive as long as possible and get the leaderboard!

Call your friends and play together. You can select team mode. But if you want to play solo, please select the Free for all mode. Enough the game and have a fun.

How to play Aquar.io

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