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Game aliases: zombsio zombie io
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About Zombs.io

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Zombs.io is survival game, where you have to build, defend and survive. Every night, you will be attacked by crowds of zombies and each time their attacks are more aggressive.

According to the schedule, the game is similar to the popular MooMoo io game, but the opposite gameplay. When you get 10 wood and 10 stone, you can start building a base. Choose the most suitable place for your base. As soon as you put gold storage, at night you will be attacked by zombies.

You need to put tower defense and walls to fight off zombies, so the Zombs io is strategy game. Gold mines give gold, which is necessary for the all your buildings upgrade. In Zombs.io there is a shop in which you can buy hats, tools, weapons, protection, first-aid kits and much more.

You can also create a clan and invite 3 friends, to play in a team. So, you will be able to build a base 4 times more powerful.

How to play Zombs.io

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