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Game aliases: Wormateio
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About Wormate.io

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Wormate.io is another worm multiplayer game game, Slither snake style with the some rules. Eat cookies and sweets to gain weight and grow. Kill the other worms with your tail and become the biggest and strongest worm on the arena.

In the Wormate io is funny worms and all the graphics performed in a cheerful style. The tactics of the game are as follows:
If your worm is still small, then you are next to large worms and wait until they make a mistake. After that just take their mass.
If your worm is already very large, try to surround other worms and prevent them from getting out.

You can speed up by holding down the left mouse button. If you correctly apply this skill, you can achieve excellent results.

Also in the game there are a lot of cool bonuses and beautiful skins for your worm. Good luck and victory!

How to play Wormate.io

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