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Game aliases: vertex io vertixio vertix online vertex online virtex online vertix
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About Vertix.io

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Vertix.io is cool shooter, where players fighting for survival. Your main goal is to shoot the first other players, or they will shoot you.

The number of cartridges is unlimited, but you spend some time for recharging. You can also use grenades and grenade launchers. So you can use your own tactics and strategy.

In the Vertix io game you can change the games classes:
Lootcrates - Collect boxes with different ammunition
FFA - Every man for himself,
Hardpoint - You play for the team and gain points
Snipers - Snipers Battle
Team Death Match - Team against Team
Boss Hunt - You play as Boss, all other players try to kill you
Zone War - You must pass as many times as possible through the opponent's gate
Rocket War - Rocket Battle Duck Hunt - You play as a hunter, your goal is to hunt a duck

How to play Vertix.io

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