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Game aliases: tank smith io tanksmithio
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About Tanksmith.io

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Tanksmith.io is tank shooter in the style of the popular diepio game. Create your own super powerful tank and conquer the whole server.

We start the game with the initial wooden tank. You have to shoot triangles to get resources. There are wooden, iron, gold, diamond and amethyst triangles in the Tanksmith io.

Tanksmith.io tank upgrades

Once you have gained enough resources, you can supplement your tank with different cannons, protection, restoration of health and so on. You can upgrade any gun on in a gun of the next level, for example, wood to iron, gold to diamond, and so on.

The game has a cool thing - Alchemy lab, which allows you to convert resources. It automatically converts wood to stone, gold and so on, depending what level your tank have at the moment.

After the diamond level, you have the opportunity to make your tank even more powerful and upgrade to Onyx. But for this you will have to collect a lot of diamonds. But in this time your tank is already enough powerful, so try to destroy the enemy tanks, in this case, you will quickly gain a lot of resources.

How to play Tanksmith.io

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