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Game aliases: superspinio super spin superspinner
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About Superspin.io

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Superspin.io is addictive multiplayer game about popular kid toy spinner. Collect colored diamonds to gain mass and spin faster. Break the spinners of other players and become the biggest and fastest super spinner on the arena.

When your spinner collides with the spinners of the other players, the crystals fall out from your spinner and enemy spinner. you and the enemy lose part of the mass. The biggest spinner wins.

If you use acceleration, for example, to catch up the enemy or escape, you also lose part of you mass and points. If you managed to break the spinner of the enemy, you take all his mass and points.

Superspin.io some tactics and strategy
If your super spinner is still small, try to stay at some distance from the big spinner of the enemy. Wait until 2 large enemies will fight between each other and try to steal some of the crystals.
If your spinner is already very large, don't case after the small spinners, you will lose a lot of mass. Try to hunt for spinners of medium and large sizes, but smaller than yours.
To find out what mass hase the enemy spinner, you can by his points.

How to play Superspin.io

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