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Game aliases: starblastio
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About Starblast.io

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Starblast.io is cool space shooter with great 3D effect graphic and excellent physics where players on spaceships fight for survival.

To upgrade your spaceship, you must break the asteroids and space ships of other players and get crystals from them. But beware of collision with asteroids! In the Starblast io each space ship has 2 bar red and blue. Blue means a shield, but red number of crystals. If you break an opponent's shield, the crystals will be poured from his ship and if the crystals no longer remain, the ship will explode.

When you collect enough crystals, you can upgrade your ship, Or buy another more powerful spaceship.

There are 3 game modes:
Team mode - You randomly get into the team and have to play for this team. In the beginning, you will have to upgrade your space station, that is, you must deliver the earned crystals to the station and then you can upgrade your ship.
Survival mode (FFA) - every man for himself. Only one spacecraft will survive. You see all the opponents on the minimap, which are marked with a red sight. After 75 minutes, the server closes, and new players can't enter the server until one of the strongest wins. Deathmatch - you can choose one of two types of ships. After the choice of the ship begins the round. The one who first scored 15 frags wins.
Invasion - is a new mode, there are so few players. You also need to collect crystals, frags, upgrade your spaceship, but you will be attacked by bots. So, your goal is to survive as long as possible.

How to play Starblast.io

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