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Game aliases: spinzio spinner.io spinner io
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About Spinz.io

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Spinz.io is the first .io game about a popular toy for children Fidget Spinner. Collect colored dots and get points and speed for your Spinner.

The faster spins your spinner, the more dots he attracts, the stronger hits the opponent, so you can get more points from enemy spinners.

When you accelerate in the Spinz io, for example, to catch up an opponent, your spinner loses some of the mass, so accelerate only at the right moments. On the map there are some areas with blue dots, they also give acceleration.

There are three game modes:
FFA - every man for himself
Team Mode - all players are divided into 2 teams red and blue. If you play for the reds you must attack the blue and vice versa
Royale - is a new mode. Round play a certain number of players. The one strongest player wins.

How to play Spinz.io

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