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Game aliases: space-baseio spacebaseio space base io
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About Space-Base.io

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Space-Base.io is new space shooter, where you control the space ship, destroy planet and get resources, build bases on the planet and destroy the enemy space ships.

Start destroying small planets and getting resources. Upgrade your spaceship. When you get enough resources, you can build a base on one of the planets.

So in the Space Base io game you can put defensive turrets and automatically extract resources from the planet.

The sun planet can burn your ship, so do not fly close to the planet. But from the sun you can get a resource that restore your health. And of course you will have to fight other players to get leaderboard!

In the SpaceBase.io There is also a store where you can buy upgrades and boosters for your spaceship.

How to play Space-Base.io

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