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Game aliases: slitherio slither snake io sliterio slithero seliter io slither oi
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About Slither.io

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Slither.io one of the world's leaders among all io games. This game won millions of players around the world. You play like a snake, you have to eat colored dots and other snakes to grow.

You have to prune the other snakes with your tail. But you can't crash with your head in other snakes. If you managed to kill another player's snake, you will take his mass and some points. Your snake increases in size and easier for you to kill other snakes, but your speed becomes slower.

In Slither io there are many different tactics and strategies. You can surround the enemy and not let him get out, or show your skills and at high speed quickly prune the enemy. In this wonderful snake game it is very difficult to hold out in the leaders, because any small snake can kill even the most huge.

Tips and tricks: Spin around the big snake until she makes a mistake. When the big snake makes a mistake, quickly take away her mass.

Now the game has a lot of beautiful skins. If the game lags, you can customize the graphic and reduce the browser window. So try this cool addictive game right now and play with your friends.

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