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Game aliases: shotzio shots io shotsio shot io
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About Shotz.io

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Shotz.io is cool multiplayer shooter with excellent graphic, where your main goal is to destroy the enemy and survive as long as possible.

Use all your skills to defeat the enemy. Try to find new weapon, bomb, first-aid kits. Upgrade your soldier to get stronger and faster. Do not go beyond the arena, otherwise your soldiers will die!

Below is a list of skills in the Shotz io game:
heal - health is recovering fasterБ
regen - fast life regeneration
vision - increases visibility
speed - your hero moves faster
shield - additional protection
axe - besides weapons you can use an ax
grenade - + extra grenade weapons
build - build walls and blocks for additional protection.

Play this shooter with friends in multiplayer mode and have a fun. You can also chat with friends.

How to play Shotz.io

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