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Game aliases: sourceio
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About s0urce.io

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s0urce.io is an unique .io game where you play as Hacker. Your task is to hack other players of this game and get 1000 level.

In the Source io game you can mining the bitcoins automatically or hack other players and take their bitcoins. The main thing is to ensure that no one hacked you. On the black market, you can buy additional servers for the cryptocurrency miming.

Select the player you want to hack. Then in a new window you should select the port and enter the words to crack the enemy firewall. But the enemy can notice your attack and defend yourself. Using the chat, you can team up with multiple players to attack one server. You must constantly upgrade your firewall to protect yourself.

Definitely this is a very exciting game that likes many players around the world.

Attention s0urce.io is only a game! Real hacking is not possible!

How to play s0urce.io

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