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Game aliases: raftzonline raftz io raftio raft online
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About Raftz.Online

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Build your super powerful raft in the Raftz.Online game, create big army of soldiers and destroy the rafts of other players. Become the lord of the ocean.

Raft Online is a simplified version of the most popular game Raft io. By the way, if you have not played this game, then be sure to play, a very cool game! Here you do not have to build a raft in manual mode. You just have to collect the boxes.

In the boxes you can find an parts of raft and soldiers
Rower - increases raft speed
Archer - shoots arrows at enemies
Spearman - strong soldier but slow
Ax man - powerful soldier very good at defending

Beware of the whirlpools, if your raft is powerful but falls into such a whirlpool, then your whole army and raft will be destroyed. Be sure to try Rafz Online.

How to play Raftz.Online

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