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Game aliases: raaaaftio raft io raaaft io raaft io
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About Raaaaft.io

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Raaaaft.io is cool survival multiplayer game. You must survive as long as possible in the ocean. All that you have is a raft and a few resources.

So you were on a raft in the middle of a huge ocean. You have two bar, water and food. You have to look for food and water to survive. To do this, you have to fish, and prepare clean drinking water. To catch a fish, you need a fishing rod. To make a fishing rod you need a rope and leaves and so on.

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If you eat raw fish in the Raaaaft io game, then you will get less food. Therefore, you need to fry the fish on the grill. To craft a grill you will need stones. Stones, rope, leaves, wood and other objects are looking in the ocean.

To drink water you need a bottle and a filter. Also craft a bottle and a filter and lay the bottle in a filter, wait until the water is ready. Also crafting weapons.

All items can be got much faster. Try to attack other players and take a lot of items from them. If you are in the ocean without a raft, you can be eaten by sharks. Also in the ocean there are islands, there you can get a lot of wood and other various things. If you have a lot of wood, then you can build a big raft.

The number of items that you can carry is limited. To increase the number of items, you will have to craft a chest.

In Raft io online game there are many interesting things. This adventure game you will definitely like.

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