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Game aliases: oceanario
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About Oceanar.io

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Oceanar.io is an unique game where school of fish fight for survival in the ocean. Create a huge army of fish and capture the whole ocean.

The game have very cool graphic, so nice to play. You start playing as Quin Fish. Eat plankton, sea stars and jellyfish to increase your flock of fish. When your flock is already large, you can combine them in largest fish and attack other schools of fish. The bigger and stronger your army, the more points you have and the higher you are in the leaderboard.

The main task in the Oceanar io game is to protect the queen fish, otherwise you will die, and all your fish will get to the other players. Crabs are the strongest in your flock. They are very fast. One crab can kill several fish at once.

There are 2 game modes:
Classic - every man for himself.БикЮ Puffer Deathmatch - You take to your team the puffers fish and fight with jellyfish and other players. Puffer fish can explode on contact with other fish and cause great damage.

Be sure to play this wonderful game. It will give you much pleasure.

How to play Oceanar.io

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