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Game aliases: mineroyale io mineroyaleio minecraft royale io
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About MineRoyale.io

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MineRoyale.io is great strategy multiplayer game Minecraft 2D Battle Royale style. Get resources, graft items and fight for the survival with other players in the world.

MineRoyale io is an unusual Battle Royale game. For the certain time you You must oget the necessary resources to craft items for defense and attack. To restore health, you must collect and eat mushrooms.

After time runs out, Game arena narrow and you have to hide or attack other players to win.

You can use TNT - destroy everything in their path, but slowly.
Shoot with a bow - arrows fly fast, but do light damage and easy to block
Also you can fight with swords.
So you have to choose the best tactic for you to win this great online game.

How to play MineRoyale.io

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