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Game aliases: limaxio limaxi limaks
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About Limax.io

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Limax.io is one more multiplayer io game snake style. You play as a leech. Your goal is to eat colored dots and other leeches, take their mass, gain points and become larger.

How to win in Limax io. When you accelerate, you leave a trace. If another leech, of any size, If another leech, of any size, crash into your trail, will die. You can also attack the opponent from behind, if he does not use acceleration.

In this exciting game there are 7 game modes:
Mass mode - Classic mode, where each player play for himself. The goal is to get the most mass
Kill mode - win the player who kill more than others
Race mode - the player who makes circles counterclockwise more than other, wins
1 v 1 - You fight 1 v 1 with another player until one of you wins
Rush - you play a specific time until the timer ends
Zombie mode - you are attacked from all sides by zombies, but you can't get a mass from them.

The game was definitely very interesting, so you should try to play it.

How to play Limax.io

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