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Game aliases: glorio glore io
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About Glor.io

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Glor.io is multiplayer strategy game, where you will have get food, resources, build bases and defend or attack other players.

To get food, you need to hunt wolves, pigs, bears or chickens. You can also make beds to plant seedlings on them. In this case, you do not have to hunt.

In the Glor io game you can create an assistants: Defenders, Peasants, Guardsmen and Gardeners. The more gold you have, the higher you in the leaderboard. If you killed an enemy, you will get a fourth of his resources.

If you see a pig with a saddle, then you can ride on the pig, it's so fun. You can also ride a battle wolf, but you have to buy him.

By the way, you can call your friends to your server and play in the team, for this click on the link create party link, then copy it and send to your friend. So, good luck!

How to play Glor.io

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