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Game aliases: foesio pubg io
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About Foes.io

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Foes.io is the first shooter, battle royale style among all .io games. The main goal of the game is to survive one round and stay the last on the game arena.

The game is similar to the popular Pubg. As soon as the round begins, immediately look for a weapon, otherwise the enemy will quickly kill you. Weapons and cartridges in the Foes io game can be anywhere on the gaming arena, in houses or boxes.

Then you can choose different tactics, hide in the houses, or attack using grenades or a grenade launcher. Perhaps you will be interested on driving a car and crush rivals.

Don't forget to monitor the health bar and use first-aid kits on time.You can carry a certain number of items. Sometimes you have to throw one weapon to take another. So choose the coolest weapon for you.

After some time, playing arena narrows and fills with gas. Watch the map to see where the gas is and try to leave this place. In the end, there remains a small playing field and those who do not die will fight in this place. And how many rounds you can win?

How to play Foes.io

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