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Game aliases: dynastio dinastio dinast io glor io 2
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About Dynast.io

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Dynast.io is multiplayer survival game with RPG. Build bases, get food, craft items and weapon, create your own clan and fight with other players.

The game Dynast io is so similar to the popular Glor io, that the game can be called as Glor io 2. so, get food, wood, stone and other useful resources.

When you have enough resources, you can craft various items and weapons, as well upgrade your warrior. You can build a powerful base for protecting and storing your resources. It is very useful to create your own clan or join a foreign clan and play with your friends. In this way, it will be easier for you to fight against other players.

In General, this is very interesting game and I advise you to play it right now.

How to play Dynast.io

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