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Doomed.io 2

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Game aliases: doomed2io doomedio2 doomed io 2 doomed2 io domed 2 domed2 io domed 2 io
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About Doomed.io 2

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Doomed.io 2 is the continuation of the strategic survival game Doomed.io. Updated graphics, improved animals and much more.

Doomed.io 2 new boss demon + emerald weapon

As in the first part of the Doomed.io game , in the Doomed io 2 game you must collect various resources: wood, stone, gold and diamonds, to craft various items and weapons. You must kill animals, bears, wolves, pigs and chickens, to provide yourself with food.

When you have enough resources, you can buy ranged weapons and ranged weapons and armor. You can build a powerful base using spikes, traps, protective walls, turrets in the Doomed 2 io.

At night, poor visibility, but the game provides special torches, which illuminate part of the territory. Also, you can use special accelerators to quickly move around the territory, or catch up the enemy.

You can dismantle any of your buildings using the R key. Beware of lava and large monsters. Lava can not be crossed, and monsters are very difficult to kill.

Recently in 2 part of the Doomed game came new updates: Added new emerald resource + emerald weapon and new boss red Demon, which is very difficult to kill.

Join the clans and play this wonderful game in a team with your friends.

How to play Doomed.io 2

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