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Game aliases: domed io doomedio
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About Doomed.io

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Doomed.io is strategy multiplayer game where you will have search for food, hunt wolves and bears, build bases and fight with other players for survival.

You will have to get resources: wood, stone, gold, diamonds to upgrade your hero. When you get a diamond sword and armor, you can fight with other players and capture their bases.

Doomed.io Crafted items in inventory

In the Doomed io you can build your own base and equip it with a protective wall, turrets and traps. When your character is already strong, you still need to fear monsters and lava. Monsters are very difficult to kill, and lava can not be crossed, even if you have strong armor. Constantly watch the hunger, if you see an apple, then immediately eat.

Some of the best tactics in the game:
Use the sword + boosters to catch up and kill the enemy
Use a shield + bow or musket, get a good defense + attack

To play it was easier, unite in clans with other players. You can also communicate with each other by using the Enter key.

In general, the game turned out quite interesting and long. You will need a lot of time to upgrade your hero and get a lot of points.

How to play Doomed.io

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