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Game aliases: dinorun dino io dinoio dinorun io
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About Dino.run

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DinoRun is the wild world with different animals. These animals are fighting for survival. Choose your animal and try to survive as long as possible. Play with friends in the multiplayer mode.

The game is similar to the popular animals .io games like Mope io and FlyOrDie io games.

Eat fruits and vegetables to gain health and extra points + improve your combat skills in the Dino Run game. To grow in size, you must kill another animal.

You can choose the following types of animals: lions, tigers, wild boars, wolves, bears, dinosaurs and many other. Each animal has its own skills. For example, dinosaurs do a lot of damage, but they move very slowly. You can also find Alpha animals, which are much stronger than ordinary animals.

So, eat food and animals weaker than you, run away from strong animals and you will succeed. Play Dino.run with friends and have a fun.

How to play Dino.run

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