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Game aliases: creature io creaturio
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About Creatur.io

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Creatur.io is an exciting online multiplayer game in which a creatures is fighting for survival in the wild. Upgrade your monster, get new skills and become the biggest creature on the server!

Collect colored dots, fight with other creatures to get a lot of points and mass. In the Creatur io game the enemy can attack you from behind, to bite off a piece of mass. In a head-on collision, you'll just push each other.

Even if you are a large creature, many small monsters will try to attack you. So be careful. for each player is available 3 different skills, depending on the initial choice. For example, a horse's skill is acceleration for a while, a mole's skill is the ability to burrow into the ground and so on.

As you progress, Your creature will evolve and become stronger and can even fly:)

How to play Creatur.io

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