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Game aliases: brutesio
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About Brutes.io

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Brutes.io is coolest 3D .io fighting boxing game, where you play as brute and fighting with other player for survival.

The main goal in the Brutes io is to become the biggest and strongest brute. To get score points you have to fight with opponents and take their mass.

You have 2 bar, red = health, yellow = knockdown. If you get knocked down, then you'll spend some time unconscious, but opponents can finish you off. The yellow bart is restored gradually, so if you see that the yellow bar is almost empty, try to stay away from the enemies for a while.

Here is some tactic:
While your character is still weak, try to stay close to a strong player. When he kills other players, try to take them mass.
You can play with your friends on the team and attack the strong player together.
You can also use bombs and missiles to destroy players stronger than you.

How to play Brutes.io

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