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Game aliases: braainsio zombie io
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About Braains.io

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Braains.io fascinating online game in which humans hide and fighting with zombies. When the round start, for one minute you have to hide from the zombies and survive 2 minutes.

If the zombie touches you, you will be infected and become a zombie. Then you can infect other players. If during a certain time, all human turn into a zombie, zombies win. If humans survive, the humans win. So, to play the Braains io is very interesting.

If you managed to survive, you will receive prize points. For the prize points, you can buy beautiful skins, for humans and for zombies and weapons. You can't kill a zombie with weapons, but you can defend yourself.

This game is very popular now. It is played by thousands of players around the world. I advise you to try it.

How to play Braains.io

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